Passengers & Crew

This image gallery contains images of some of the passengers and crew who were aboard ALM Flight 980. Hover over the image to pause the slideshow.

Captain Balsey DeWitt. This picture was taken a few months before the accident. (Photo courtesy Balsey DeWitt)
Navigator Hugh Hart. This is a picture of Hugh and his daughter Jennifer taken around the time of the accident. (Photo courtesy Jennifer Hart)
ALM Flight Attendants. Margareth Abraham, Wilfred Spencer, and Tobias (Tito) Cordeiro.
Passenger Rick Arnold. Rick was one of the last three people rescued. (Photo courtesy Rick Arnold)
Passenger Jeannie Larmony. Jeannie was most likely the last passenger out of the aircraft. (Photo courtesy Jeannie Larmony)
Passengers Toby and Israel Kruger. Both survived the accident. (Photo courtesy Israel Kruger)
Passenger Hedi Razzi. Hedi did not survive the accident. (Photo courtesy Christina Razzi)
Passenger Gene Gremmelsbacker. Gene did not survive the accident. (Photo courtesy Peggy Rumore)
Passenger Emerson Ussery. Emerson was in the second to last group rescued. (Photo courtesy Emerson Ussery)
Passenger Edward Alexander. This poor quality image is a scan from a newspaper article showing Ed at the hospital after the accident.
Passengers Gino Bessi and Vincent Zangara. This picture was taken six months before the accident. Gino is on the left and Vincent is on the right. The two women were friends. Gino and Vincent co-owned and operated a motel guest house in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The two men are among the missing.