Miscellaneous Images

This gallery contains images that just didn’t fit the other galleries. It also contains some recent images. Hover over the image to pause the slideshow.

St. Maarten airport. This is the same view the crew would have had in better weather. The runway in this picture is several thousand feet longer than it was in 1970.
Tawa Irasquin
Margareth Abraham & Robby Schouten. (Photo courtesy Robert Abraham.)
Chris Starkloff (center/formerly Chris Linder) oversees flight attendant emergency evacuation training at the ONA training center.
This picture gives you some idea of just how small the aircraft was.
A cockpit similar to the plane that ditched.
The rescue sling was one of three methods used in rescuing passengers. This picture shows the correct way to use the sling.
Author Emilio Corsetti, Tito Cordeiro, and Balse DeWitt. This picture was taken at a slideshow presentation in Curacao.
Author Emilio Corsetti, Balsey, and Tito during a radio show on the island of Curacao.
The first class of ONA stewardesses. Steedman's future wife, Ingrid, is second from the left.
This is the type of life vest used by survivors.
Edith and Balsey.