Aircraft, Ships, & Helicopters

Images of the various aircraft, ships, and helicopters used in the rescue of passengers. Hover over an image to pause the slideshow.

The Point Whitehorn was involved in the search of survivors.
This is one of seven ONA DC-9s.
Six helicopters from the Guadalcanal were used in the search and rescue of survivors.
A CH-46 approaches the U.S.S. Guadalcanal.
This is the actual HU-16 aircraft used in the SAR.
Hu-16 Albatross. An aircraft similar to this one circled the scene throughout the rescue.
This is one of two helicopters involved in the rescue of survivors. (Photo courtesy Bill Shields)
A plane like this one operated by Antillean Airboats arrived on scene shortly after the ditching.
This is the actual helicopter used to rescue 26 survivors. (Photo Jim Rylee)
This helicopter was involved in the rescue of one passenger who later died. (Photo courtesy John Barber)
Six CH-46 helicopters like this one were involved in the search and rescue of survivors.
This is the actual aircraft involved in the ditching. This picture was taken in St. Maarten on the inaugural flight.
Another shot of the SH-3A.